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Quality of our oil.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of extraordinary quality, nationally and internationally awarded, made with premium raw materials under optimal conditions, with careful attention to its production and exquisite preservation.

To achieve this, our premises are as follows:


The olives must be of high quality, in good condition, and treated with care.


The storage and production process must be carried out as quickly as possible, without altering its characteristics and without adding any disruptive or improving elements.


The mixing will be done without adding heat above 27ºC. The decanter will work without the addition of powders, enzymes or hot water. The decanting will be done in the shortest time possible.


Storage in the mills will be quick and aims to settle the extra virgin olive oil and combine its formation. Our olive oil will be stored in suitable tanks for that purpose.


We will not pass the oil more than twice through a pump. In this way, we will not excessively emulsify our oil. The storage temperature will be balanced between 18 and 22 degrees.


All our oils will be fully analyzed (in all the indexes legally established by the European Regulation (EC) 2568/91 modified by Regulation (EC) 640/2008).

In addition to the official tasting, all of our oils are tasted by the owner of the mill who confirms their FLAVOR and QUALITY in dishes for cold, hot, and cooking.

 San Antonio, 9 03610. Puebla de Sancho Pérez     CP 06310 (Badajoz)


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