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Olive Varieties


Our Varieties

In the Tierra de Barros region, where we are located, the predominant olive varieties are BASTA and FINA.

Currently, olive trees of the varieties ARBEQUINA, CORNICABRA, LECHÍN DE SEVILLA, and HOJIBLANCA are being planted. These newer varieties have already been incorporated into the olive grove landscape of this area but have a testimonial presence. It is true that there are several important plantations of ARBEQUINA, but they are usually processed separately in the mills.

Now, let’s focus on the predominant varieties that make up our oil.

BASTA, VERDIAL, VERDIAL DE BADAJOZ, or MORISCA are olives that are said to come from grafts made by the Moors who came from the Alpujarras region on the local olive trees. The olive is round and usually very fragile in its formation but resistant to inclement weather, especially to the cold. It is generous in oil content and its flavor is slightly fruity and very pleasant to the palate, sometimes even sweet. It has a considerable oil percentage. It produces oil that is not very stable and is very sensitive, so a COUPAGE is always recommended.

This olive is harvested from December to February, and the harvest has been advanced by one month in recent times.

If you ever come to Badajoz, ask for “Aceitunas Machadas” or “Machacadas” between October and March. They will serve you these olives with a seasoning that you will love.

FINA, MANZANILLA or MANZANILLA DE SEVILLA or CARRASQUEÑA is a small olive that generally retains its green color on the tree. Its name comes from its shape and flavor, which are very similar to that of a small apple. The name “carrasqueña” comes from “carrasco” (holm oak), the name given to this tree in the area, and the fruit is called “carrasqueña”.

The oil produced by the manzanilla olive is slightly spicy and bitter, with a yellowish color and fruity notes of apple, banana, and tomato. It is a very fragile and sensitive olive, especially to cold. It is the earliest harvested variety, and the oil yield is one of the lowest. This variety is mainly used for table olives, and it is commonly found throughout Spain as an appetizer.

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